An app that uses Augmented Reality to turn printed media into video experiences.

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An app that adds video experiences to printed content using Augmented Reality.


In the world we live in today, traditional printed media, such as newspapers, posters, and magazines, is not as engaging and impactful as it used to be in the past. Based on a survey, more people prefer to watch a video than to read about a product or service. Even more people enjoy being able to share videos with friends and family.

Perception is an app that is designed and built to enhance printed media by adding video experiences using Augmented Reality. Users can point their phone to a Perception-Enabled image and watch a video play right on top of it. Moreover, users can take videos to-go, save them to be watched later, and share them with others. Perception makes printed media multimedia.

Perception-Enabled Images

Test our app with these images that are Perception-Enabled. These are from our partner, Pursuit.

Pursuit Poster

Pursuit Postcard

Pursuit Gong



  1. To run this project, install it locally using Terminal…
    $ git clone
    $ open Perception.xcworkspace/
  2. Available on Testflight. Please email to request to test Perception on Testflight.

Usage Example

Start by granting Perception app the access to use your device’s camera. This is necessary in order to use Augmented Reality technology, or ARKit. After completing a brief onboarding process, point your phone at a Perception-Enabled image from the main screen. The video associated with the image will start playing instantly. Single tap will pause or play the video. Double tap will expand the video into video player mode and you can take the video to-go.

To access the rest of the functionalities of Perception, simply tap on the expanding button on the lower left corner of the screen. There you will be able to view your profile, save the video, share the video, view saved videos, or sign out. To view profile, save video, and view saved videos, you would need to sign into or register an account.

Perception is designed to be used with Internet access.

Operational Model

Perception is a platform that delivers video experiences. Perception partners with content producers or advertisers, who supply to Perception the images and videos that they would like to engage users with. Perception-Enabled images will have our unique logo on the bottom right corner.

Regular image vs. Perception-Enabled image

Next Steps

Perception can be used in numerous ways across all printed media. Future iterations for Perception include:

  1. Platform for partners to upload content
  2. Using profiles and preferences to curate video content to users





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